Things A Guy Should Never Do When He Lives With His Girlfriend

 Things A Guy Should Never Do When He Lives With His Girlfriend

Texting Your Girlfriend That You’re Crashing At A Buddy’s House

I decided to start with this point, since this was the reason why I was in the doghouse in the first place. No matter how easy going your girlfriend is, if you send her a text message in the middle of the night that you’re crashing at your friend’s house, you will be in trouble by the time you get home. Have the decency to at least to call her because you don’t need to give her reason to worry.  Also, if she’s out that night with her friends and you don’t even call to make sure she got home safely, don’t expect sex for at least a week.

Going Out With Your Buddies Three Nights In A Row

When you lived on your own, you had the freedom to schedule your social life as you see fit. When you’re living with someone however, certain social activities are expected to change or the frequency at least. So when you decide to hang out with your buddies every weeknight like you used to, trust me your relationship won’t last.  When you move in with someone for the RIGHT reasons, you’re putting out there that you want your relationship to evolve to the next level and it can’t if you keep living your life the way you used to.

 Not Clearing Your Web Browsing History Daily

Unless you want your girlfriend to know your avid love for porn, it’s best to clear your web browsing history or you will be in the doghouse.

Avoid Writing On Your Girlfriend’s Facebook Wall

Thankfully, I have a girlfriend who knows how I feel about Facebook and how I value going off the grid when it comes to our real-life relationship, but I noticed a lot of girls still expect their significant others to write posts on their Facebook walls even when they live together. To get her off your back, make sure to write a couple of nice comments or like a couple of statuses when she’s not around.

Putting All The Bills Under HER Name

I can not tell you how horrible this idea is. I don’t care if you’ll be saving money due to bundles under her cell and internet plan, do not put the bills under her name because if you don’t have the money at the end of the month, it’s her credit and your piece of mind that suffers.

Dry Humping Your Girlfriend To Initiate Sex

The longer you live together, the easier it is to lack effort when it comes to initiating sex. I know I have been guilty of squeezing my girlfriend’s breast like a horn or humping her back when we’re spooning in hopes of getting lucky. However, if you keep this up, the passion will fade as well.  It’s okay to be comfortable, just don’t get too comfortable and to the point where she feels like an unpaid prostitute.

Forgetting To Mark The Day Her “PMS BEAST” Arrives

The only way to survive her PMS beast is by being prepared for when it hits.  You will be able to judge the severity of your fights if you know when it’s coming.

I’m going to be honest, moving in with someone is not easy. It’s full of good times, but it’s also full of not-so good times. It’s change and although it can be scary, change is always welcoming and life-altering. If you can survive your readjustment period, then you can survive anything. 

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