The Five Looks Women Give That Affect Men The Most

The Five Looks Women Give That Affect Men The Most

A lot of guys I know think they can decipher what a woman is thinking and what she wants by her body language, her smile, her cleavage and by what she says. It’s not until we get older when we realize that’s it’s all (and always has been) in the eyes.

Some men use this to their advantage and those men are usually the ones who disappear for no reason. Smarter men know how to read each of these looks and either embrace their woman’s wants or needs or get out of a relationship without having to get a peace bond or restraining order made in the process.

So here are five looks ladies give that have and will always affect men the most:

Look #1: “The CRAZY Eyes”

Description:   An irrational look that is given after you hurt or disappoint a woman in a big way.  It is a look that makes us guy think, ‘Damn, this bitch is crazy.’

What is accompanied by the look: Women who tend to give this look usually breathe very heavy, wear smirks that suggest they are going to f*ck your life up and they may have a sharp or heavy object in their hands or even worse, a pregnancy test.

What is our initial reaction?: When a guy sees the crazy eyes, we usually just freeze up.  The smart ones usually back away and get out without turning their backs to the crazy eye giver on the way out.  We regret having sex with you in the first place and are usually thinking of changing our numbers, our email passwords and our names on our social media accounts before the conversation is done.

Which ladies are likely to give these looks?: In my personal experience, ladies who are moderately attractive to smoking hot are most likely to give these looks.  Jaded ex-girlfriends, friends with benefits and slutty bar flys “looking for Mr. Goodbar” are also likely suspects.

Look # 2: “The WIFEY Eyes”

Description:  An attentive look that when given makes the recipient realize that the woman is not someone to bang and leave. They are Miss Grand and deserve to be treated as such.

What is accompanied by the look?: Contagious laughter, amazing conversation, shy smiles and expressive hand gestures during conversation

What is our initial reaction?: It really depends on the guy on this one. If we’re ready, willing and able to take the plunge, we will. However, if we’re immature and have not acquired the stability (be it financial or emotional) we need to be in a healthy relationship, we will most likely run away, hurt you and pine for you secretly.

Which ladies are likely to give these looks: Talented, empathetic, articulate, strong-headed and opinionated women who know what and who they want in their lives.

Look #3: “The YOU AIN’T SH*T Eyes”

Description: A cut eye look that is given when a man has let a woman down more times than not.

What is accompanied by the look?: Teeth sucking, pouty lips, aggravated sighs, silent treatment and the word “whatever” will most certainly be used.

What is our initial reaction?: A man will feel completely emasculated when a woman gives him this look. He will either do everything in his power to make you happy or he will be irritated beyond belief and just up and leave.

Which ladies are likely to give these looks?: Ball breaking women who know they have power over their men, women who on the verge of cheating or leaving the relationship or women who are dating young boys when they need men in their lives.

Look #4: “The Breakup Eyes”

Description: A defeated look during a breakup that could break even a stranger’s heart.

What is accompanied by the look: Puffed out eyes, many used kleenex tissues, stained wine lips, tears, trembling lips and constantly running noses.

What is our initial reaction?: Unless we’re bastards, seeing these eyes make us feel weak and sick to our stomachs. We feel broken that we broke your heart even if it’s the best decision. We feel like the villains and will hold back our own tears until we leave.

Which ladies are likely to give these looks?: Any woman really.

The Final And Most Effective Look: “The BEDROOM Eyes”

Description: the kind of deep, intense, soulful, piercing, and often doe eyes that make any guy want to take that woman into their bedrooms and f*ck them like it’s the end of the world.

What is accompanied by the look?: alcohol, lip biting, shy glances, flushed cheeks, hair twirling, flirty touching and conversations about sex.

What is our initial reaction?: I’m telling you right now, bedroom eyes are every guy’s weakness. It doesn’t matter if these looks will eventually turn into all of the above looks I have mentioned, it is the look that makes every man either fall in love or get himself in a world of trouble. It is simply our kryptonite.

So ladies, if you didn’t know the power you had in your eyes, you should know now.  They truly are the cheat sheets to your hearts and to your inner-most thoughts. Just like pictures, a woman’s look is worth a thousand words. 

Missing any looks? Let me know in the comment section below! 



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