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Unknown Facts by

Unknown Facts by # Paris Hilton was banned from her parents own casino Paris Hilton was put on her own parents Casino Black List and was banned from returning to their casino after losing her new Bentley on a high stakes poker game.   In April 2006 Paris Hilton brought here $175,000 Bentley into a poker game and lost it. Her parents banned her from the casino named after her, and demanded that she would get help for her gambling problems.   # Sloth poop once a week Question asked quite often and the answer is remarkable; Only once a week! That’s right, a sloth only comes down from his tree once a week and urinate and defecate on the ground. They dig a hole and cover it up afterwards. Sloths only move when they really have to and even when they do move, they do it as slowly as possible. Sloths are considered to be among the most somnolent animals and sleeping 15 to 18 hours a day. # Spiders have brains in their feet Spiders have brain in their feet Bra