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5 Interesting Thanksgiving Turkey facts by

5 Interesting Thanksgiving Turkey facts After the 5 Interesting Thanksgiving facts, it now is time for 5 interesting turkey facts   Interesting Turkey fact #1: Turkey at Thanksgiving 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.   Interesting Turkey fact #2: 280 million turkeys at Thanksgiving About 280 million turkeys are sold each year for Thanksgiving. This is about 7 billion pounds of Turkey and $3 billion dollars’ worth of sales!   Interesting Turkey fact #3: Cranberries About 20% of all cranberries that are consumed in the US each year are eaten on Thanksgiving with Turkeys! Interesting Turkey fact #4: Why Turkeys are called Turkeys The name Turkey comes from the Ottomans who imported “turkey fowls” In the 16th century, when North American turkeys were first introduced in-mass to Europe, there was another bird that was popularly imported throughout Europe and England -> the guinea fowl. This guinea fowl was imported from Madagascar via the Ottoman Em