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5 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts by

5 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts Interesting Thanksgiving Fact #1: Mary had a little lamb The author of “Mary had a little lamb” was largely responsible for the establishment of the national Thanksgiving Holiday. Sarah Joespha Hale, one of the great women in American history, campaigned for nearly 20 years to get Thanksgiving made a national holiday. During her campaign she continually lobbied various congressmen, wrote annual editorials on the subject, wrote annual letters to every governor in the United States and sent a steady stream of letter to the U.S. President as well. Finally, she was able to convince Abraham Lincoln that it would be a good idea to help unify the country once the civil war was ended. Her final letter to Lincoln on the subject was mailed on September 28th, 1863. After reading it and thinking it over, Lincoln decided to declare the last Thursday of November to be the national Thanksgiving holiday.   Interesting Thanksgiving fact #2: Thanksgiving as a