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Facts About Pollution by

Facts About Pollution The introduction of impurities into the environment that causes instability and harm to the ecosystem is called pollution. Pollution causes harmful effects to human body, animals and our environment and we are still not doing anything to stop it. Just thinking about economic growth only we keep throwing wastage here and there. So, we have to get together and have to do something on this very critical issue.   Pollution may be of any kind such as land, air, water, etc becoming the most major cause of concern to the human race today. All kinds of pollutants have adverse effects on the ecosystem. Here are some facts about pollution:   Industries and vehicles are considered as major sources of pollution and the countries that are contributing most in terms of these aspects are China, India and United states. Emissions from vehicles are producing around 70% of the air pollution. According to the data of 2007, emission of carbon dioxide in China was around 6.0