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Rangoli – A Traditional Indian Art

Rangoli – A Traditional Indian Art Rangoli is a popular Indian style of artwork that is colourful and depicts the Indian culture and their belief system. The word Rangoli originated from the mixture of two words rang and awali. Rang in Hindi means color and awali means row of colors. So as the name suggests Rangoli is a vibrant pattern of colors that are arranged to create wondrous designs.   According to mythology, Rangoli’s are said to be first created by lord brahma who infused life into the painting of a child. This story tries to explain how rangolis are vibrant and colourful as if they have a life of their own. They are not exactly like a painting but a different art form in themselves which use rice and other unsual ingredients to create a three-dimensional array of patterns.   The most popular kinds of Rangolis are that of geometric designs and figures of god and animals. Now rangolis have expanded to other designs which are complicated in structure. This has been mad