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Are Women Too Scared To Be The Dumpers?

  Are Women Too Scared To Be The Dumpers? 1. Too Scared To Be Alone This one is a given.  I know a lot of women who have stayed in a bad relationship because they were too scared to be single, to sleep in a double bed alone and to be in a cuddle-free environment.  It’s ironic considering how bad relationships make you feel more alone than being single. 2. Too Scared Of Changing Their Facebook Statuses To Single This one is so superficial but it’s amazing how our Facebook relationship statuses have dictated our decisions in our personal love lives. No woman likes seeing that broken heart show up on their friends’ newsfeeds for all to see.  To avoid this, just remove your relationship status altogether so you don’t get any pity comments on your wall. 3. Too Concerned Comparing Their Own Relationships To Others Although women don’t like to admit it, a lot of them are always competing with their friends in regards to their love lives. They will compete over how many Facebook