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Do Women Really Want Equality In Relationships?

  Do Women Really Want Equality In Relationships? “Oh my god, my boyfriend was so pissed off at me for not cleaning or cooking dinner today.  I mean like, are we in the fifties?” If you’re living with your boyfriend and you’re working a full-time job as well, then yes, you have every right to be pissed off for him to expect you cook and clean.  However, if your boyfriend is providing for you (rent, groceries, bills) and you’re not working, then you have NO right to complain–none at all.  Yes, it’s a 1950′s mentality to think you will cook and clean for him when he’s bringing home the bacon, but is expecting him to provide for you ANY different?  If your biggest task of the day is catching up on daytime television, then the least you can do is help out at home.  Because let me tell you, if it was reverse, you would not put up with that. “I was getting hit on by a guy at a bar in front of my boyfriend and he didn’t do anything. He just took me by my hand and we walked to the othe