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Hanging Out, Dates And The Fine Line Between Them

Hanging Out, Dates And The Fine Line Between Them VS For some women, they look at it from the stance of “if he asked me out and he paid, that was a date”. I call bullsh!t. It’s far too many women saying they go on dates when they’re actually participating in serial outings. Expensive yet infrequent outings aren’t guaranteed to lead you to dating, therefore the terms aren’t synonymous. Allow me to use a tweet from a Twitter buddy who endorsed my standing belief. It may seem like semantics, but you cannot date someone you barely know. To date someone is to mutually acknowledge that you’re aware of goals and intents. By having a continuum of conversations and developing a sense of routine, it’s established that whatever time you spend is ultimately going to lead into a monogamous relationship. There is no “wait and see” or “will he or won’t he”. With outings, there’s nebulous tension. Guys want everything to be right so that their time isn’t wasted. With dates (or should I say the