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Why Klutzy Women Are Attractive by

  Why Klutzy Women Are Attractive They Exude A Child-Like Quality So far, I’m not doing a good job with not looking like a creep, but I will try to explain myself quickly before you all think I’m a creepy pedophile.  By “child-like” quality, I mean klutzy women exude an innocent, youthful, playful and endearing quality about themselves.  For me, I find that to be quite attractive considering it’s so difficult to find women like when you live in an overcrowded and impatient city. Typically They Are Creative Beauties One of my theories as to why klutziness exists in women is due to their creative sides.  I always tease my girlfriend that she is too busy living in her head to notice the stairs on the stoop. (I have never gone through so many Band-Aids since dating her) I for one welcome this because I love creative women—even if they have a tendency to fall on their face in highly populated public places.   They’re Sexy And They DON’T Know It Statistically speaking, I never