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 Why Klutzy Women Are Attractive

They Exude A Child-Like Quality

So far, I’m not doing a good job with not looking like a creep, but I will try to explain myself quickly before you all think I’m a creepy pedophile.  By “child-like” quality, I mean klutzy women exude an innocent, youthful, playful and endearing quality about themselves.  For me, I find that to be quite attractive considering it’s so difficult to find women like when you live in an overcrowded and impatient city.

Typically They Are Creative Beauties

One of my theories as to why klutziness exists in women is due to their creative sides.  I always tease my girlfriend that she is too busy living in her head to notice the stairs on the stoop. (I have never gone through so many Band-Aids since dating her) I for one welcome this because I love creative women—even if they have a tendency to fall on their face in highly populated public places.


They’re Sexy And They DON’T Know It

Statistically speaking, I never met a clumsy woman who was a huge bitch–because life isn’t that kind.  How I wish to see a vain, bitchy lady fall over her high heels on the subway, but alas, it has never happened.  However, I do see a lot of beautiful and kind women who have no idea how beautiful they are accidentally spill their food over themselves or trip over a crack in the sidewalk. The reason for this is because typically clumsy women are too embarrassed over their klutziness to ever think there are men out there that find their “embarrassing” traits alluring.

They Generally Have A Good Sense Of Humor

When a woman is clumsy as hell, then she generally has a thick skin because she most likely has been teased about her clumsiness since she was a kid. Because of that, I find out a lot of these women have a great sense of humor and can take a few jabs at their personal expenses–which is a plus for most men who are used to dating sensitive women.

Call me a freak but I just find klutzy women are sexy as hell and you know what, a lot of men do too. So ladies, start embracing your accident-prone qualities because what you may see as a flaw can be a quirk a guy can’t possibly live without.



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