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How Being A Bitch Can Save Your Love Life

  How Being A Bitch Can Save Your Love Life Ladies, In order to be respected, appreciated and loved by a man,  YOU HAVE TO BE A BITCH . By “bitch,” I mean you have to learn to stand your ground. (I have come to embrace the term fully, it’s my “steel magnolia” of a term.) You have to learn to set the pace of any “relation” with a man from the very beginning. That means that you aren’t afraid to state what you want. You want a booty call – it’s on your terms, you got it. You want to be in a relationship – you expect this and that.  YOU DO NOT SETTLE.  You cannot be too nice. Men will see that from the very beginning and they will rip you apart, piece-by-piece. They will do everything they can to: act interested, then disappear/flake and leave you high and dry. (when they feel like they have you) They will stop putting in work in the relationship and take you for granted and see you as a  MOTHER  (once you lower your expectations, become too nice, GIVE A LOT and TAKE/except little