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The Five Looks Women Give That Affect Men The Most

The Five Looks Women Give That Affect Men The Most A lot of guys I know think they can decipher what a woman is thinking and what she wants by her body language, her smile, her cleavage and by what she says. It’s not until we get older when we realize that’s it’s all (and always has been) in the eyes. Some men use this to their advantage and those men are usually the ones  who disappear for no reason . Smarter men know how to read each of these looks and either embrace their woman’s wants or needs or get out of a relationship without having to get a peace bond or restraining order made in the process. So here are five looks ladies give that have and will always affect men the most: Look #1: “The CRAZY Eyes” Description:      An irrational look that is given after you hurt or disappoint a woman in a big way.  It is a look that makes us guy think, ‘Damn, this bitch is crazy.’ What is accompanied by the look:  Women who tend to give this look usually breathe very heavy, wear s